PATools XL Toolbox is free to try

This full suite of tools will make your life better when you work in Microsoft Excel.

With just a couple of clicks ...
 ... you open your frequently used files and folders
 ... you can email just part of your open workbook - even just a range of cells
 ... you can run a simple mail merge (or a really complicated one with lots of clever options)
 ... you get your Outlook data into Excel
 ... you can even make lots of folders or rename lots of files using Excel formulas
 ... and so much more besides ...

Try it without obligation for as long as you like.
All features work fully for you to evaluate.
And when you have seen the potential you can buy and unleash the real power!

PATools XL Toolbox includes

PATools Range Manager, PATools Advanced Replace, PATools xlEmailer,
PATools Data Toolkit, PATools Data Analyser, PATools Data Copier
+ great new features like Shortcuts

Also packaged in the same installation ...
PATools Merge Suite
PATools Easy Word Merge
PATools File Manager
PATools Outlook Exporter

This software runs in all locally installed English PC versions of Microsoft Excel from Excel 2000 onwards
ie Excel 2000, Excel 2002, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016.
This covers all versions of Windows that support these Excel versions.
It will NOT run in Mac editions, and may run in cloud installations depending on cloud setup.

our other products and services

separate from PATools XL Toolbox

PATools Invoicing

For small businesses

Create invoices and credit notes, quotes, and drafts/templates, and email them straight out as neat pdf attachments.


Automates numbering of documents

Add automated numbering to your workbook and create an Excel database of the numbered documents. Works in multi-user environment too.

Auto Bank Rec

Cashbook + automated bank reconciliation

Use this cash book and reconcile to bank in just 1 click.

Some freebies

Useful templates

Just a few totally free and very useful templates. Enjoy!

Bespoke software
Data crunching

Redesign your modus operandi / data

We build software tailored to your requirements for a fixed price, and you only pay when it is operational.
We also have a wide range of tools that we use to help clients reorganise / reformat / clean data.

existing users

If you have an existing license then you can either carry on until renewal with your existing set up and ignore messages about a new release, or you can install the new software.

Your current license will work in the new version (our licenses always cover upgrades).

Similarly the new version will operate the same way, and your existing workbooks will not need any changes eg the Merge Suite will still work fine on your existing templates.

The only minor hiccup you will encounter is any configuration you have saved will be lost eg if you have defaulted certain option buttons. You will also need to enter your license details again.

If you wish to upgrade your current license that is not yet expiring then please contact us for an upgrade quote.

do you know some of our clients?

Microsoft | American Express | Amnesty International | Australian Federal Police | Balfour Beatty | BP | Canon | Caterpillar | Cisco | Cornell University | Credit Agricole | De Beers | Deloitte | Disney | Ericsson | Fujitsu | Gamestop | GM | Grand Forks County | Honeywell | HP | IBM | Imperial College London | La Senza | Maersk | Mitsubishi | Morgan Stanley | Motorola | Oracle | Panasonic | Pfizer | Pilkington | QinetiQ | SGS | Siemens | US Army | US Forest Service | Villeroy & Boch | Volvo | Xerox | YMCAs

+ many other large organisations, SMEs, individuals, clubs, charities, educational establishments, NGOs, etc

how do you use our software?

"Giveacar is a charitable operation that has now raised over £2 million for about 1,800 charities from the proceeds of old unwanted cars. Every month we rely on your PA Tools merge software to collate financial details and send an update on donations to all our charity contacts. It's a complex process for non-techy people like me and PA Tools have made my life so much simpler!"


our fantastic users say...

“GameStop, a worldwide video game retailer, uses the Advanced Mail Merge [now PATools Merge Suite] software by PATools to streamline its communication and reporting strategy in order to support nearly 4,000 of its retail stores and over 300 field managers. It allows them to deliver specific and actionable information tailored to the recipient, more than proving that the value of this software is unmatched; it is easy to use, and extremely versatile.

With these new licenses, we will have everybody in the Operations Department using your software. Our entire North American communication plan for 2007 was built around AMM (Advanced Mail Merge [now PATools Merge Suite]), and has been very well received by our stores and management. I'm continually impressed as each member of my team has come up with unique ways to use the software. If you would ever like an endorsement for your software (we are a Fortune 500 company this year) don't hesitate to ask.”

“I really appreciate your software. It has solved a huge problem we were having that became very labor intensive. You have allowed us to streamline it again. Thanks”

“Thank you very much! I have to say that your quick response was beyond my expectations. Also, I am very impressed with the value and flexibility of the Advanced Mail Merge [now PATools Merge Suite]. Your software allowed me to deliver a huge win for our company with customized reporting, and after spending hours and hours working on VBA script to do the same thing, it's amazing how easy your UI makes these tedious reports. Overall, your company has provided an outstanding product and great support to go with it.”

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