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Using the software

Using the software could not be easier.

You open the software and then choose which folder you wish to export.

You can only export one folder at a time, and it will always export to a new workbook.

When you have chosen your folder, the software will then prompt you for the fields to extract. PATools has set 'factory defaults' for you, but you can also set your own and save them - these will then be used in preference to the factory settings.

When you have selected your fields then the software will run the extraction.

Note 1: When it is running you can see the progress at the bottom left of the Excel screen. For large volumes of data it can take a while.

Note 2: In later versions of Outlook you may get a security warning to allow a program to access the data. We recommend you set the time interval to the maximum (normally 10 minutes). You will then have to return to Excel manually as this screen tends to leave you in Outlook!

Note 3: Excel limits the contents of cells to a certain size depending on your version, so you may find that it cannot accept all the data from Outlook; this is likely to be the case in the body of emails for example.

Note4: Outlook folders may contain more than one type of data (eg you can save Contacts and Groups within a Contacts folder). PATools Outlook Exporter will export the default type of data from any given folder, and if it finds entries in that folder of a different type it will put a message in the cell in column A that it could not export that entry.

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